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The difference between double glazing and triple glazing

Though it might sound silly, there’s no shame in not knowing some of the most specific of differences between windows that utilise double and triple glazing. Often considered the most effective way to stamp out any present pesky draughts for good as well as reduce your home’s energy usage, triple glazing is a futureproof investment for any home. Let’s explore a little more about why.

Timber effect casement window

Three panes are better than two

Simply put, the unrequited difference between double glazing and triple glazing, is that the latter utilises three layers of glass within a window’s pane as opposed to the formers two. Double glazing is largely considered the norm amongst most window specialists and dedicated installers, with single glazed units often falling prone to many drawbacks that can lead to various day-to-day annoyances.

Heat rises by its very nature, and as such can seep out and escape from properties should said property’s windows not be fitted to remain water tight. The more layers you introduce between you’re the outside and your inside living space means the tougher time warmth will have at escaping, so in this sense three layers are better than two. Additional glazing practices work in tandem with the multi-chambered frames of either the uPVC or aluminium unit, expertly insulating as a result.

Timber effect windows

Energy efficiency perfected!

The good news is that any window from the Andy Glass team comes double glazed as standard, more than meeting the requirements for the energy efficiency levels dictated by government regulations. Triple glazing takes this concept one step further however, raising the Window Energy Rating (WER) up to an impressive A+ thanks to the integration of 4mm+ thick, inert gas-filled glazed units.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the simple act of upgrading to triple glazing can save you as much as £160 a year on financial bills. This comes in part due to your property needing to rely less on artificial heating methods to stay warm, instead using any heat already generated in the space to further insulate and actively lower what’s known as “U-values”.

Improving acoustic as well as temperature insulation

Triple glazing can come in especially handy for homeowners located in built-up urban areas, and frequently find themselves tired with the high levels of noise pollution they’re forced to experience. This is because additional layers in your windows works wonders in terms of filtering out any unnecessary noise. Once fitted, you’ll be able to return home to a relaxing atmosphere with minimal decibel levels.

Double glazed windows as standard with Andy Glass

Even if you’re on the fence about going the whole hog when considering triple glazed windows, customers who opt for Andy Glass can rest comfortably knowing that all our windows come double glazed as standard. This means experiencing the most minimal requirements of insulation. If you’d like to reduce costs and improve comfort however, contact us via an online message today.

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"Prices were excellent..."

D Keegan, Oxford

After speaking with many traders, we went with Andy Glass Windows because they didn't try to give us the hard sell and because their prices were excellent. When they came to install, the 2 men were really careful, clean and very nice.

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"Very professional..."

S Moss, Witney

From start to finish Andy Glass Windows were very professional, knowledgeable and there was no pressure selling. The surveyor was very thorough. The installers were prompt, polite, and did a very professional job installing our composite doors.

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"Result is excellent..."

B Kirk, Cumnor

We were looking for a window product to compliment the renovation of our new home and Andy Glass Windows understood exactly what we were looking for and provided the solution with timber effect flush fitting windows. The process from ordering through to completion was very smooth and the finished result is excellent.