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Andy Glass Windows are working with Improveasy finance company, who specialise in producing bespoke financial solutions to homeowners across the UK, to provide our customers with finance for their home improvement project.

AGW Ltd (trading as Andy Glass Windows)  are registered as an introducer to Improveasy enabling us to introduce our customers to flexible finance.

Finance provided by:

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​A flexible finance option available for all your home improvements
* Deposit payment and administration fee apply, nothing to pay for 12 months on the balance.

Nothing to pay for 12 months*


If there is a balance remaining at the end of the initial 12 month payment free period this will roll over into a loan, repayable over 48 monthly payments with an APR of 18.9%  as per the loan agreement.

Get a quote for your home improvement from Andy Glass Window's sales team and if you would like a finance calculation we'll provide one and assist you in applying online for an instant decision.

Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now - Pay Later Finance

Settle off anytime with no early

repayment penalty

Avoid interest when you pay off within the payment free period

Pay it off in chunks before the payment free period ends

Finance in 4 steps

Freephone Improveasy 0800 024 8505

Finance provided by:

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Receive your quote from Andy Glass Windows

Submit your application online for an instant decision

Receive your finance paperwork, sign and return to Improveasy

Andy Glass Windows proceed with a survey and you'll soon be feeling the benefit of your new installation

Example of finance calculations:

Finance Calculation examples

Example of finance calculations:

Frequently asked questions

Who are Improveasy?

Improveasy are a finance company who specialise in producing bespoke financial solutions to homeowners across the UK. We work with our nationwide network of accredited installers and manufacturers to ensure that your new home improvements are financed in the best possible way. Improveasy act as a Broker for finance via a panel of lenders. The credit provided is subject to application and status.

What is the minimum criteria when assessing my finance application?

Applicants must be 18 and over at the time of application – Must be younger than 80 years old on the day of the last payment of the agreement – Permanent UK resident and home owner – In regular permanent employment (min 16 hours or more) – Self Employed – Retired with proof of state, private or company pension – Long term invalidity / disability / mobility benefit (details of income must be supplied including reference numbers).

Can I change the date of my payment?

Yes, shortly after installation of your new home improvement measure/s the lender will write to you. You can then contact the lender directly to arrange to change the date of your monthly direct debit

How long does the application take?

An application should take approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete.

How soon can I get a decision on my finance application?

You will receive an instant ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ from the lender once your online application is submitted. On occasion this may be referred to an underwriter to review your application if a decision is borderline. For example: Inaccuracies in your application, missing information, markers on your credit file etc. If an underwriter steps in this can take up to 20 minutes to come back with a decision (Underwriters available 9am – 6pm Mon-Fri).

What is an APR percentage rate?

An Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the interest displayed as a fixed percentage to be used as a comparison against the cost of other forms of finance, credit, and loans.

Could I lose my home if I do not keep up my repayments?

No. Finance provided by Improveasy is not secured against any form of property or asset and is classed as ‘unsecured personal finance’. The details regarding this will be clearly outlined on your Consumer Credit Agreement.

Who do I contact with any other questions regarding finance?

You can call Improveasy and speak to one of our advisers who will be able to assist you with any enquiries on our free phone number 0800 024 8505 select option 2.

What is Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)?

Buy Now Pay Later or BNPL is a convenient way to pay for purchases through credit. The customer enters into a credit agreement with Duologi whereby they have an initial payment free period (or deferred period) followed by a monthly repayment period in which to pay off the loan as per the loan agreement.

Does the customer have to pay interest during the payment free period?

No, as long as the customer pays off the entire credit amount before the end of the last day of the payment free period, they will only have to pay the original loan amount with zero interest.

Are there any monthly payments to be made during the payment free period?

There are no monthly payments to be made during the payment free period by the customer.

What happens if a customer does not pay off the loan by the last day of the payment free period?

If the customer wishes to rollover the loan beyond the payment free period, they will need to start making monthly payments starting one month after the last day of the payment-free period. The number of monthly payments will be stated in the terms of the agreement.

Will the customer have to pay interest if they have rolled over the loan after the payment free period?

Yes, if the customer rolls over the loan after the payment free period, they will have to pay interest as per the terms of the loan agreement and as quoted to them before the agreement is formally signed by them.

From when is the interest applicable?

Once the customer rolls over the loan after the payment free period, interest will be payable by them at the quoted APR from the date of the original loan. Please refer to the following example: Original loan date: 1/1/2018
Loan Term: 48 month term
Deferred (i.e. payment free) term: 12 months
Therefore, payment term: 36 months
APR: 19.5%
Rollover date: 1/1/2019
Interest payable after rollover: At APR 19.5% from original loan date, i.e. 1/1/2018 The interest and capital repayment amount will have been quoted to the customer as part of the customer journey before they sign the agreement.

Can a customer settle part of the loan?

Yes, the customer can settle part or the full amount outstanding of the loan at any time by calling our Customer Services team on the number provided.

Will Duologi notify the customer with a reminder when they are approaching the end of the payment free period?

Yes, as a responsible lender, Duologi will send a written reminder to the customer at least 4 weeks in advance of them approaching the end of the payment free period to enable them to make a decision whether to settle the loan in full before the end of the payment free term or to rollover.

Is there a minimum purchase amount for BNPL to be available to the customer?

Yes, like our other credit products, BNPL purchases are subject to minimum and maximum loan amounts. Minimum Loan Amount £1,000.00 Maximum Loan Amount £15,000.00 Minimum deposit payment to Andy Glass Windows is 25% Administration fee £75.00 + VAT