uPVC - We recycle, not landfill

Here at Andy Glass Windows we segregate our glazing waste and have it collected and sent for a recycling process.

Our annual recycling figures are published here:


It’s often believed that uPVC windows are not environmentally friendly.

In fact, the case can be argued for quite the opposite.

  • uPVC windows can be made from 100% lead-free materials, better for both family living and for the environment.

  • uPVC windows use less energy to produce in the factory, in comparison to both aluminium and timber windows.

  • The ongoing energy savings are higher, with more uPVC windows achieving BFRC ‘A’ ratings than other materials.

  • A uPVC window is 100% recyclable and can be recycled up to 10 times, giving each window an estimated life span of 350 years – far more eco-friendly than depleting timber sources.


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