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Aluminium Windows

Windows ideal for the modern homeowner

Popular amongst 21st century homeowners thanks to their ability to be stylish as well as maintenance-free, aluminium windows are fast becoming the window option of choice providing the ultimate solution for those needing to fill their modern applications.

Aluminium windows are universally lauded for their improved strength when compared to both timber and uPVC, capable of accommodating larger glass panes within a slimmer frame. Open views and natural light is never too far away.

Low maintenance aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are naturally resistant to corrosion, weathering and swelling, making it the perfect choice for areas that regularly have to endure the harsher elements. These qualities not only ensure that aluminium windows have an extended lifespan, but also makes for a window frame that doesn’t require very much looking after at all. They will always be low maintenance if left in their finished condition but can also have additional protection applied is necessary.

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A thermally efficient and secure design

High performance aluminium windows exceed at meeting the required energy efficiency standards, helping to reduce the typical 60% of heat that regularly escapes most people’s windows. Combined with high quality glazing and a thermally efficient multichambered design, modern aluminium windows keep homes comfortable.

As well as providing your home with sleek, smooth aesthetics and impressive levels of energy efficiency, choosing aluminium windows from Andy Glass Windows helps to ensure that you are safe and secure within the comfort of your own home. It’s natural strength and robustness is something unparalleled when compared to other materials on the market, allowing for more protection from any potential intruders.

Why choose aluminium windows from Andy Glass Windows?

  • Suitable for a range of home styles

  • Easy to operate and low maintenance

  • Can be designed with a large selection of foils, colours and hardware

  • Modern aesthetics that have a clean finish

  • Multichambered profile design

  • Naturally strong to withstand larger glass panes

  • 1.4 U-value W/(m²K) Double glazed, 1.0 U-value Triple glazed

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