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Sash Windows

High performance, low maintenance sash windows

Andy Glass Windows are able to supply box sash windows which can be classed as truly market leading. With our uPVC sash windows, you get the best of both worlds – combining all the modern benefits of a uPVC design with the traditional appearance of timber. Where traditional timber sash windows are susceptible to rotting, warping, rattling and draughts, our uPVC sash window range can offer a high performance and low maintenance alternative.

Featuring multichambered designs, energy efficient glass and triple seals, sash windows from Andy Glass Windows are also highly energy efficient to help you save money on your energy bills and protect your home from harsh weather conditions. Depending on your chosen glass, our uPVC sash windows can achieve Window Energy Ratings (WER) between A-C, which more than satisfy current building regulations.

For easy maintenance, we can provide you with sash window models which include a tilt in facility so you can clean your windows from within the building, and unlike timber frames our sash windows won’t require regular coatings and treatment, but can be cleaned with a simple wipe down.

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Truly authentic appearance made just for you

As well as providing excellent levels of performance and low levels of maintenance, our uPVC sash windows are among the most authentic currently available. Andy Glass Windows sash windows have been designed to closely replicate the features of timber sash windows, and include a number of traditional features such as deep bottom rails, and run through sash horns. To create your perfect sash windows, they can also be customised with a selection of classical bar, hardware, colour and foil choices to give you personalised windows which exactly match your home.

Approved in conservation areas

uPVC sash windows from Andy Glass are so authentic that they have even been approved in a number of conservation areas throughout the UK. Whether you live in a period property, in an area sensitive to aesthetic change, or just want to give your home a spot of classic styling, Andy Glass windows have the sash windows to suit your needs.

Why choose sash windows from Andy Glass Windows?

  • High thermal and acoustic performance

  • Traditional aesthetics, virtually indistinguishable from timber

  • Multichambered profile design

  • Can be designed with a huge range of hardware, foils and colours

  • Approved for use in a number of conservation areas

  • Easy to operate and low maintenance

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