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Solid Tiled Roofs

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Replace your


polycarbonate, glass or

flat roof

Thermally efficient tiled roofs for use all year round

Updating your conservatory with a solid tiled roof is becoming a popular way to make a conservatory habitable throughout the seasons – Cool in summer and warm in winter.


Andy Glass Windows have been offering a WARMroof® system to clients who want year-round comfort.

There are other solid roof systems on the market, but having looked at all the options, Andy Glass settled on WARMroof®, the only system on the market that is insulated at the eaves and above the rafters, preventing interstitial condensation.

Unlike other roofs on the market, the WARMroof® system has built in strengthening to support the additional weight of the roof, giving you the choice of lightweight enviro tiles, Tapco® tiles, in a variety of slate finishes, or concrete or clay tiles to match or compliment your existing home.

The design of the roof allows for the introduction of a pelmet at the top of the window frames allowing for stylish lighting options without loss of insulation. You don’t even have to swap like for like roof lines, it is an ideal opportunity to introduce a more modern style.

The system fits most conservatories and is easily fitted by Andy Glass Windows’ team normally within a week, watertight by day two. Fully finished and plastered ready for decoration.

With any solid roof, there is always a concern about loss of light, but with the WARMroof® there is a choice of Velux® windows or choose the Hybrid version with a solid full length skylight both bring lots of natural light down into the room but still give you a Uvalue of 0.6; compare this to a polycarbonate roof’s Uvalue of around 2.7 and you can understand where your heat is going!

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