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Composite Front and Back Doors

Market leading specification

To provide you with genuine market leading composite doors, Andy Glass Windows can install composite doors which have been specifically designed to provide the highest levels of energy efficiency and security. Our specially selected ranges of composite doors can be supplied with high specification deep profile which are roughly 10% thicker than competitor products, meaning that when it comes to keeping your home insulated and safe, you can be assured you’re getting a door which is among the best. 

Secure and reliable composite doors

For added peace of mind, composite doors at Andy Glass Windows can be installed with a unique locking system which incorporates highly secure triangulated deadbolts to prevent any unwanted intrusion – a system which has been proven under testing to be one of the most secure composite door locks currently available.

Because of their strength and high specification hardware, composite doors from Andy Glass Windows also come with guarantees from the manufacturer, covering the door’s finish construction and performance, which serves as a testament to their reliability.

Endurance Door Designer Ad.jpg

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Designed the way you want

When it comes to styling your new door, we offer you a virtually unlimited choice of colours and designs. To create the perfect entrance for your home, you can choose from our huge range of door styles which each feature unique glazing, hardware and foils to match the aesthetic of your house. Additionally, we can also offer the option of dual colours, so that you are able to select internal and external colours to match both your home’s interior decor and its exterior. Our full colour range is extensive, featuring both contemporary pastels and traditional woodgrain finishes to suit both modern and traditional homes. Whatever your preferences, Andy Glass Windows are sure to have the composite door design for you.

Not all composite doors are created equal

With so many composite doors available on the market today, which one should you choose?   Andy Glass Windows have selected manufacturers and ranges to offer you a choice of some of the best available today.  Whether you are interested in energy efficiency, security, aesthetics or cost we can find the right door for you.

Cores and Skins explained

Composite doors on the market vary in thickness from 35mm to 65mm but thickness is only one part, you need to consider the combination of high-performance composite materials. All work well to keep your home defended and comfortable all year-round, but the differences in construction result in some slightly different functions.


  • Thick cross laminated LVL timber door (this is where Endurance doors sit) - Provides lateral strength and stablity

  • Fibre Glass Monocoque Structure Core (this is where Palladio doors sit) - This structure gives it a massive strength-to weight ratio

Each door will have an energy rating which can be compared. 

Palladio Fibre Glass Monocoque Structure Core sample
Endurance Timber Core sample

Palladio Fibre Glass Monocoque Structure Core sample

Endurance Timber Core sample


  • GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic / fibreglass) skin - a near-invisible layer that helps the composite panels to resist the harshness of certain elements.  Usually around 2mm thick 

  • GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic / fibreglass) skin with a detailed embossed wood grain texture (this is where Endurance doors sit)

  • Through coloured GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic / fibreglass) skin - Usually around a 6mm outer structure with solid colour (this is where Palladio doors sit)

  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) skins

  • Foiling (lamination) - The process of mechanically covering the door profile with an attractive non-peel coloured woodgrained finish, giving it a totally different appearance and colour.

  • Sprayed colour

Each of these door skins will provide you with a low maintenance finish.

Be sure to discuss your requirements with our sales team who can advise you on the different features each range offers and match the benefits you are looking for to the right door for you, providing value for money.

Andy Glass Windows Composite Door Ranges


About Endurance® Doors

Background box
  • 48mm thick

  • Choice of 30 door colours & 80 door styles

  • 14 Frame colours

  • Different design side panels

  • Range of hardware suites

  • Door core is thick cross-bonded veneered laminated solid timber 

  • All Endurance Doors have been designed and tested to achieve a U-value of 1.8

  • Single rebated

  • Fire resistant doors available

  • Manufactured in the UK

Why not design your own Endurance Composite door and submit it for us to provide a free no obligation quotation to be supplied, fully installed and guaranteed by Andy Glass Windows.. You can configure a new door in just a minute, customising door style, hardware, frame and glazing options. 

Endurance Door Designer Ad.jpg
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About Palladio Doors

Ideal choice for hot south facing doorways

  • 65mm thick

  • Choice of 13 door colours &  31 door styles

  • 13 Frame colours

  • Different design side panels

  • Range of hardware suites

  • Door core is a fibre glass monocoque structure

  • Solid door U-value of 0.85. Glazed door U-value of 0.98

  • Triple glazed as standard

  • Double rebated as standard

  • Manufactured in Limerick, Ireland


About Gerda Optima Doors

Gerda doors.jpg
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  • 60mm thick

  • Choice of 13 door colours & 21 door styles

  • Range of hardware suites

  • Door is aluminium and steel construction

  • Door U-value of 0.74 - 1.3

  • 13 Locking Points

  • Based in Essex

Why choose composite doors from Andy Glass Windows?

  • Energy efficient and secure

  • Unique marketing leading locking systems

  • Huge choice of both internal and external colours

  • Choice of sculptured or chamfered frames

  • Environmentally friendly

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