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Patio Doors

Unlike other patio doors currently available on the market, Andy Glass Windows offer homeowners sliding patio doors which combine beautiful aesthetics with unrivaled functionality. Designed with large-paned glass, they allow in maximum levels of daylight, and enable you to enjoy the outside from within your home. To reduce their environmental impact, patio doors are engineered in materials that are wholly lead free and feature double glazing as standard to help reduce your carbon emissions and save money.

We install our selection of sliding patio doors to fill a wide range of aperture sizes, with units available in panel configurations of between two and six. As such, no property need miss out on the benefits they introduce. Every panel slides neatly to the side when pushed, instantly opening up the natural beauty of your garden.

Easy to look after with a clean, modern look

The perks of installing sliding patio doors engineered from uPVC, is that the sashes are incredibly easy to look after. Unlike timber, uPVC isn’t prone to water damage or rot, meaning that whenever they become wet or dirtied a simple wipe down will do the trick. Such a flexible material also means that style can be adjusted accordingly, with patio doors tailorable to all types of property.

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Readily secure for ultimate peace of mind

All our uPVC patio doors help to keep homeowners safe and secure, thanks to standard multi-point locking which comes sneakily integrated. Conforming to PAS23 and PAS24, Andy Glass Windows customers can rest comfortably that beautiful views and function never comes at the cost of security. What’s more, all locks are designed to never appear unsightly.

Why choose sliding patio doors from Andy Glass Windows?

  • Smooth gliding operation in any panel configuration

  • Made to measure, specifically for your home

  • Multi-point locking integrated as standard

  • Wide variety of colour finishes to choose from

  • Environmentally friendly lead-free construction

  • Low thresholds for easier wheelchair access

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