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About Double Glazing

Improve the warmth of your home and save money with double glazing

Modern double glazing can help to improve the warmth of a home, reduce the impact of noise pollution and lessen the cost of your heating bills. That makes it the perfect addition to both traditional and contemporary properties. Here at Andy Glass Windows we pride ourselves on the quality of the double glazing we use in our windowsdoors and extensions.

How double glazing works

The concept behind double glazing is relatively simple. The insulating space between two panes of 4mm+ glazing reduces the speed at which heat escapes from your home, making it feel warmer for longer. Not only does this make your home more comfortable, it also reduces the amount of energy you need to use, saving you money on your heating bills. This insulating space also improves the acoustic insulation of your property, reducing the impact of external noise pollution: perfect if you live in a noisy area or city.

Doube Glazing from Andy Glass Windows

The benefits of double glazing from Andy Glass Windows

Here at Andy Glass Windows, all of our windows are supplied with high quality, A+ rated double glazing as standard. Here are a few benefits of our double glazing:

  • Increased thermal retention: Double glazing from Andy Glass Windows can help to keep your home warmer for much longer by slowing the escape of heat.

  • Enhanced energy efficiency: With a Window Energy Rating (WER) of “A+”, our double glazing can help to reduce your energy consumption, saving you money on bills.

  • Better sound insulation: Double glazing can also reduce the impact of noise pollution on your home, making it seem quieter.

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