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Beautiful glass roofs and 5 other home renovation ideas to take you through all the seasons

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Much like the fluffy friends some of us will be spending our time with over the festive season, we at Andy Glass Windows prefer installing home enhancements that aren’t just for Christmas, but for life. Undertaking any worthwhile improvement project is a big money and time investment after all, so it makes sense to want to feel the benefits they bring 365 days a year instead of merely the Spring or Summer.

Thankfully, our team specialises in providing homeowners with appreciated extras and additions that do just that, coming together to make your home life just that little bit better throughout the whole year. To prove it, we felt it useful to make a list of just 6 of them.

1. Glass roofs

Glass conservatory roof

Always useful for when you want to better shed light on the situation, glass roofs are a premium addition to any extended living space, especially when compared to the polycarbonate roofs of old. We install them to be crystal clear and always bespoke for your specific extension, ensuring that natural light can always have an easy time entering. Modern glazing materials also make for improved temperature balancing, meaning that the space will always be kept comfortable whenever you’re tempted to enter it.

2. Bi-fold doors

Largely considered the most innovative and contemporary patio door option, bifold doors feature exceedingly slim sightlines and modern style, making for wide open views that gives the impression of your home extending further out into the garden. Commonly made up of panel sets ranging between 2 and 7, when not in use they can be closed to create an illuminating wall of glass or come neatly stacked to one side whenever you wish to venture out. Inside space is never hindered and natural light can always enter with bifold doors.

3. Triple glazing

Ideal for homeowners who consistently find it tough to render their living spaces quiet and peaceful, triple glazing is a subtle addition that capable of insulating sound as well as heat. Today, only an energy efficiency rating of ‘C’ is required in UK homes by Building Regulations, but with Triple glazing this is increased to at least ‘A’. This results in lower energy bills thanks to improved thermal retention, as well as a tranquil home thanks to impressive soundproofing qualities. Simply put, 3 layers are better than 2.

4. Coloured windows

Gone are the days when homeowners were forced to make use of the Simple White with their home’s windows, now having the ability to choose from hundreds of eye-grabbing colour tones. This is particularly useful when wanting to guarantee an aesthetic style that’s in-keeping with your home’s existing look or equally shake it up with something new. Bonding processes like powder coating helps to ensure that any colour on your window will be long-lasting and resistant to the elements all year round.

Composite Door

5. Composite door

A multi-layered entrance door option that evokes the grained aesthetic commonly associated with timber, composite doors offer homeowners the best of both worlds. Their complex internal makeup results in exceptional style, high thermal retention, and impressive defence capabilities. All this is achieved in one reliable and neat package.

6. Conservatory

The ultimate home improvement addition, conservatories are quickly becoming a necessity rather than the exception within most British properties. They are spacious, open, and allow homeowners to use their living environment however they’d like whether that’s as an additional dining room, play space, or something else entirely. Complete with high quality surrounding doors and windows, conservatories can be utilised 365 days a year.

High quality renovations that are useful all year round

Each of the improvements listed above are sure to help any homeowner make the most of their household, being additional but appreciated flourishes that take the property from good to great well into the future. For more information, feel free to call the team on 01235 530035 or send us an email.

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