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Window technology - the next level

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Andy Glass Windows brings you the UK's first uPVC double-rebated timer replica window.

Resurgence external view

New to market – ‘Resurgence’ by Liniar is a timber replica flush sash window for the 21st Century, with the charm of a traditional timber window and all the benefits of modern energy efficiency.

Resurgence internal view

Launched at the industries trade show this May, manufacturers; HL Plastics, the company behind the Liniar brand have designed an innovative dual rebate flush casement window. Liniar is an award-winning Derbyshire firm with a focus on continued investment in infrastructure, technology, machinery and people. These goals have propelled Liniar to the forefront of the fenestration industry. Liniar was founded by some of the most knowledgeable and forward-thinking experts in the window industry - with more than 500 years of experience between them. The Liniar Design and Development team is consistently pushing the boundaries of product innovation, with a focus on research and new products in development all the time. As a result, Liniar has a well-known reputation in the windows industry for innovation. Being agile and responsive to customer feedback means that Liniar’s developed an impressive portfolio of high-quality matching products for the home.

The launch of ‘flush sash’ window systems changed the rules. No longer featuring the tell-tale overlap of previous PVCu windows, the flush sash is sleek, with the sash fitting in line with the frame – starting to replicate the beautiful lines of timber windows more faithfully.

Now, Resurgence reinvents the flush sash window. The first of its kind to feature a double rebated seal, Resurgence offers a truly weatherproof and highly secure window – and one which can look either traditional or contemporary, depending on the colour and finish selected. Liniar’s Resurgence range are using mechanical joints to achieve an authentic handcrafted finish.

Dual Rebated

What does Dual Rebated mean? The windows seal in two places, where most other casement windows only seal in one place. Resurgence flush sash windows comprise a multi-chambered uPVC profile, which works to trap in pockets of warm air and maintain the warmth in your home. Enjoy A+ rated standards.

Finishing Touches:

Resurgence flush sash timber replica window
  • Multi-coloured frames Gaining in popularity, especially with flush sash systems, homeowners can have outer frames foiled a different colour from the sash. It’s a bold statement and can look fabulous on any property.

  • Double or triple glazing The Resurgence flush sash window comes ready for triple glazing and can accommodate 28mm double glazing or 36/44mm triple glazing - depending on your energy rating requirements.

  • Hinge protectors Additional security is never a bad idea, which is why optional hinge guards are available. Hinge guards are installed to help prevent any moving sash from being forcibly opened from the outside.

  • Georgian and astragal bars Perfect for character or cottage style properties, Georgian or astragal bars can be added to the Resurgence window. Liniar’s unique Georgian bars are clipped onto the exterior of the window and do not fall off, while astragal bars are installed within the glass.

  • Handles Choose from a wide range of handle styles, colours and designs, and for maximum security ask your installer about security locking handles.

The Liniar system is BSi registered, BBA accredited and designed for high security and energy efficiency. Their Secured by Design accreditation illustrates their commitment to quality and security.

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