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Refurbish your conservatory

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The cost-effective way to revive your existing conservatory.

There are three distinct options for replacing your conservatory depending upon your aspirations and budget.

1. Roof Only

The simplest option (and probably the most popular) is to replace your existing roof; this is where conservatories tend to fail most. Conservatory roofs are generally harder to maintain and therefore are more likely to look distressed and will deteriorate first. There are two options we recommend when replacing the roof.

i) A specialist high performance glass roof which features solar controlled glass and comes with self-cleaning as standard

ii) The WARMroof ® system, which is a solid, highly insulated tiled roof and the only system on the market that is insulated at the eaves and above the rafters, preventing interstitial condensation. The design of the roof allows for the introduction of a pelmet at the top of the window frames allowing for stylish lighting options without loss of insulation. You don’t even have to swap like for like roof lines, it is an ideal opportunity to introduce a more modern style, incorporating Velux® windows or choose the Hybrid version with a solid full length skylight to bring lots of natural light down into the room if chosen.

Both of these options will keep your conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter.

2. Roof, Windows & Doors

This option allows you to retain your existing conservatory base yet replace the roof, windows and doors to enable you to improve the look, style and energy efficiency. It gives you the opportunity to change the uPVC for a more modern aluminium or timber composite finish. You can also add bi-folding doors to add even more light and ventilation into the room. We can also offer you enhanced levels of security with new types of high security locking mechanisms.

3. Full Replacement If you are looking to refurbish the whole conservatory replacement. We can offer a wide range of options to suit your desires and budget.

There are lots of options to choose from and Andy Glass Windows, as a registered Prefix installer, are here to offer you the best advice and guidance.

If you’d like more information on our range of windows call us on 01235 530035 or send us an online message.

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