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Manufactures Update

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

This update is from one of our main window manufacturers, SGM, who produce the Liniar product range we offer.

Following communications between Liniar and SGM regarding the problems they face coming out of lockdown, the following announcement from SGM has been received by Andy Glass Windows today.

Due to ongoing extreme order volumes (which is throughout all areas of the industry) Liniar have decided to temporarily suspend the foiling of non-stock colours to focus on providing good, reliable supply of the stock colours (oak, rosewood, black, anthracite grey etc) that we all expect off the shelf. In recent weeks there has been shortages of “normal stock” on every Liniar delivery we’ve received, significantly disrupting our production flow / scheduling, and too often resulting in your delivery dates being put back. As such, the action they’ve taken makes short term sense.

  • We have up to and including next Friday (28th August) to order any profile that’s non-stock, before the temporary suspension takes affect

  • After that date, we’ll still be able to order non-stock for any remakes, emergencies etc, on a limited supply basis

  • Anything already on order will be supplied, but possibly delayed

  • A further update on non-stock delivery dates will be issued mid-September, if not sooner

Going forward, Liniar take delivery of a CNC foiling machine mid-September that will significantly increase capacity, and mid-term plans are to reduce foiled leadtime for all non-stock colours. However, at present they need to resolve the supply issue for regular stock items, hence the action taken.

This announcement will obviously affect some orders that Andy Glass Windows currently have and unfortunately mirrors the problems we are experiencing with some of our other manufacturers too.

Andy Glass Windows have been quoting an estimated timescale of 10-12 weeks to installation from point of full survey, since mid May this year, which has proved to be realistic in most cases due to a high volume of work and longer manufacturing times.

These conditions seem set to continue into September and we will continue to provide as much information about current schedules as is available to us. We have been open about the delays the industry is experiencing and quoting these longer timescales before customers enter into contracts with us. However we continue to have a small percentage of manufacturer's deliveries pushed back and re-scheduled which inevitably is frustrating for our customer and ourselves.

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