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Latest update and reassurance for Liniar customers

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Liniar customer update

You may have heard news from other sources this weekend that the UK window industry is facing tough times over the coming weeks - we are hearing of at least two major systems companies telling customers they can only supply 50% of their demand - and we wanted to reassure you that you will not be affected in this way. We are confident we have sufficient stocks of resin in our large silos to mitigate any disruption caused by UK-wide resin shortages in the short term. We are continuing to increase our capacity even further and working hard towards fulfilling all of your stock orders during these unprecedented times. Some positive news to share today is that we've taken delivery of more Rosewood foil, so this product moves from a red light to amber for now. We certainly can’t claim to be unaffected as a business, and we are facing the same supply chain issues as everyone else in the industry – but we are 100% certain that we are in a strong position and want to reassure you of our long-term commitment. Throughout whatever further disruption lies ahead, we are confident that Liniar fabricators and customers will benefit from the long standing, strong supply chain partnerships we have built over many years, and thank you again for putting your trust in Liniar.

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