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Composite Door Specification

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

A Guide to understanding your Andy Glass Windows' front door quote and the options available.

Our standard quotation documents list the following details, here is a little about what each means and the choices available.

Next to each list of details is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) illustration. This is shown from the outside. Sometimes because of the large choice of styles and designs the CAD drawing can't replicate the manufacturers' image. We sometimes need to include 2 images to give you a better idea.


This is used to details anything additional or specific required that our quoting software can't include. This can include additional keys (to the standard 3 supplied) or the addition of a door guard (security chain).


This is the number of doors of a detailed design included in the quote.


These are approx. measurements either taken at an initial sales appointment or provided by yourself or a builder. These don't need to be 100% accurate at the quoting stage as a full survey will take place if you proceed with the work.


This is the type of product we are quoting for

Examples are:

  • Endurance Composite Door

  • Palladio Composite Door

Frame Style

This refers to the product type:

  • Composite Door

Frame Colour

Two door frame colours will be listed, the first is the external colour, the second the internal colour. They may include the manufacture's name if they are exclusive colours.

Examples are:

  • French Navy / White

  • White / White


This relates to the door frame shape chosen and is normally Chamfered.


This is for an external door sill if required. They normally come in the same colour as your external door frame colour. The size will be decided by the surveyor and is dependent on the property type.


This denotes the side the hinges are on when the door is viewed from the outside.

  • Left

  • Right

Glazing Specification

This is the type of glass in each item. If the glass is different in the door to the side or top lights then you need to see it detailed here. Sometimes a numbering system is used to identify them.

Examples are:

  • Our standard is Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Glass

  • Toughened Safety Glass

  • Triple Glazed

Glazing Design

You may have chosen a glazing design from the manufacturer or opted for a pattern or clear glass.

Examples are:

  • Fabian

  • TG8

  • Cotswold

  • Clear

  • Satin

Glazing Texture

This denotes what backing glass has been selected. You can have a patterned glass choice behind a glazing design to make it obscure.

If you need an obscure glass choice it will be shown here, otherwise it will state clear.

Glazing Feature

Any special glazing feature will be detailed here

Examples are:

  • Leaded - Leaded glass is available with different coloured lead in various designs, from diamond, rectangular to a border design

  • Georgian Bars - These bars sit between the two panes of glass, and can be coloured to match frames.

  • Bullion Glass

Door Style

This is the name given to the door style by the manufacturer

Examples are:

  • Alto

  • Etna

  • Belfast

  • Cambridge

Door Colour

Two door colours will be listed, the first is the external colour, the second the internal colour. They may include the manufacture's name if they are exclusive colours.

Make sure you are happy these match your frame colours too.

Examples are:

  • Anthracite / White

  • White / White

Door open

The door will either open in or out

Door Handle

Choices are

Endurance Range Palladio Range

  • Lever / Lever (Classic, Heritage or Architectural) Lever / Lever

    • Lever / Pad (Classic, Heritage or Architectural) Lever / Pad

    • Slam Lock Finger Pull Escutcheon

  • Slam Lock with Finger Pull

  • Inline / Pull Handle (400mm, 900mm, 1200mm or 1800mm)

  • Smart Lock

Drip Bar

This is the drip bar at the bottom of the external door. It should be the same colour as the main door.


This is the hinge colour, which will be visible internally.


This will detail the style and colour of your chosen letterplate

Endurance Range Palladio Range

  • Classic Standard

  • Heritage

  • Architectural


Endurance Range Palladio Range

  • Urn Solid Knocker

    • Urn Spy Knocker with viewer

    • Slimline Urn Doctor's Knocker

  • Slimline Urn Spy

  • Bull Ring

  • Architectural

Things to note:

  • The standard number of keys supplied with your door will be 3.

  • A internal thumb turn is an additional extra, and not included unless noted.

  • Internal pull knob / handles may be required on slam locks.

  • Glazing in Palladio doors is always triple glazed

  • Glazing in Endurance doors is toughened double glazed, with some designs triple glazed

If you are unsure of anything detailed in your quotation please speak to us

01235 530035 Option 1 or email or visit our showroom to view door examples.


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