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Increase to timescales

Andy Glass Windows reported here in May, the predicted delays that would further affect the fenestration industry, and we are increasingly feeling this in manufacturing problems and supply chain issues. This is having an increasing knock-on effect to our own installation timescales.

Andy Glass Windows made the decision early to advise our customers from the outset, what the predicted longer timescales from survey to installation, were likely to be and these are being constantly reviewed. In January of the year most clients were being advised (depending on the work they were having done) a timescale of 12-14 weeks from survey to installation. For new work we are currently advising 26 weeks, taking many new orders into 2022 for installation.

This is in part due to an increase in demand over the last 18 months, but mainly the manufacturing delays, making the scheduling of installations practically impossible until we have received the whole order in our storeroom, as frequently we have had parts missing or deliveries delayed the morning they were due.

You might like to search the internet yourself to see reports of the problems the industry is currently experiencing. Search terms like “glass shortages 2021 uk”; “national shortages upvc uk” and “resin and film shortages uk”.

Andy Glass Windows are trying our hardest to meet predicted dates, but it is inevitable that we are not going to be able to for every customer. We are trying to keep the extended delay to within an additional 2-4 weeks where possible, but we are likely to have a bottle neck of installations as we approach the summer holiday period.

Whilst we are pleased to be busy, our installers have been working at full capacity through the first half of 2021, and despite recruiting an additional Small Works Engineer we are finding it increasingly difficult to meet initial predicted timescales. We have recruited a part time Admin Assistant to increase office capacity and to free up Andrew Glass from the office, to work on site several days a week. We have also recruited a new storeroom operative, starting at the end of July, following the retirement of our previous one, he will be available several days a week to also go on site and assist the installers to help with the situation.

We count ourselves lucky we have good working relationships with several different manufacturers. Many are now having their raw materials rationed, slowing down their production, meaning they are having to introduce monthly quotas to installers like ourselves. We are utilising the quotas available to us, from each manufacturer, to keep supplies coming.

If you would like an update on where your order is in our order process, email us your job reference to request details and we can advise:

1) If the manufacturers have notified us of a proposed delivery date/s to our storeroom

2) If we have allocated a tentative installation date

It is also useful to know if you have a timescale you are trying to work to, or dates you wish us to avoid, as this helps us in allocating tentative installation dates.

Andy Glass Windows appreciates your continued patience and understanding in these difficult times.


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