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Moving House, Window Certification & FENSA

Replacement window certification

If your home has had windows replaced since April 2002, then the installation of these windows must meet the building regulations at the time of installation. When selling your home, the buyer's solicitor will need to see evidence that your windows meet the building regulations. This evidence can be provided to a solicitor or estate agent by:

  • Providing a FENSA certificate, showing that the work was completed by a competent installer registered with FENSA

  • Providing a certificate from your local authority building control, stating that the installation has been approved under the building regulations

If you have this documentation, then there is no hold up, however, if at this stage in selling your home this is the first you have heard of such certification, then there could be a delay to your sale.

If the windows were installed by a FENSA registered installer, then you can simply request a new certificate through FENSA's website for a small fee.

If however your windows were not installed by a FENSA installer, then you must contact your local building control and check if the windows have been inspected. If so, you need to follow their processes for obtaining the necessary documentation. If however, your windows haven't been inspected; you will be expected to pay for them to be examined by your local building authority, again, adding time to your move. Unfortunately, for many, it is at this stage they find out that their windows are not compliant, and they may need to pay an unexpected cost to rectify the issues.


  • Certificates are not issued by the installer, but through FENSA or Building Control

  • Andy Glass Windows is a registered FENSA installer and we would notify FENSA when your installation is complete, unless it was done under building control, and you will normally receive your FENSA certificate within 8 weeks of the installation.


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