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True WARMroof ®

The Prefix WARMroof system, offers the only true 'warm roof' construction in the solid, insulated and tiled roofing sector. The insulation sits above the roof structure and therefore eliminates any bridge between the rafters and roof covering and importantly, removes the need for any battening.

A 'warm roof' construction has many benefits over a traditional 'cold roof' and is essentially a 'breathable roof construction', allowing moisture to escape, which in turn prevents damp and any associated decay problems.

It is thermally efficient, cost effective and is commonly accepted as the best roof construction option for our climate within the UK.

A 'warm roof' construction also increases the effectivemess of the insulatation and prevents warm air leakage from the building into the roof space.

WARMroof Hybrid

The Hybrid option allows you to retain an element of light yet keep the thermal efficiency. It features double or triple glazed unit(s) positioned in a multitude of orientations to maximise daylight within a solid, tiled roof.

Hybrid Features

The most configurable of its type. The glazing panels can be positioned in a multitude of orientations. You can also specify Velux windows with the Hybrid option for added ventilation.

Retain the thermal efficiency due to the 28mm double (or upgrade to 44mm triple) glazed units that provide a U-Value of 0.6W/m2K.

Choose from a range of tile finish and colours.

Choose our plasterboard finish - allowing you to paint up to the glass.

Upgrade to the unique Opus Timber finish.

There are lots of options to choose from and Andy Glass Windows, as a registered Prefix installer, are here to offer you the best advice and guidance.

If you’d like more information on our range of windows call us on 01235 530035 or send us an online message.


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