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uPVC - We recycle, not landfill

Once our uPVC is collected by RedKite Recycling it is taken to a bulking site near Aylesbury. Here many frames are collected from window companies all over the district. The frames are collected in a large walking floor vehicle and taken to one of several processing centres in the UK.

The process of turning old frames into new ones relies on a number of processes. The cost of the equipment required means that there are only a few companies that are able to refine the materials to a quality good enough to go back into extruding new uPVC profile. First of all the frames are smashed up by a hammer mill or shredded to separate the uPVC, metal and rubber. Magnets pull out the large chunks of metal and then electrostatic separation remove silicon, wood and other fine metal contamination.

Window grade uPVC can be recycled in this way up to 7 times which makes it a sustainable and sensible way of preserving a resource especially when set against the benefits that are derived from a good set of windows that can last up to 25 years.


It’s often believed that uPVC windows are not environmentally friendly.

In fact, the case can be argued for quite the opposite.

  • uPVC windows can be made from 100% lead-free materials, better for both family living and for the environment.

  • uPVC windows use less energy to produce in the factory, in comparison to both aluminium and timber windows.

  • The ongoing energy savings are higher, with more uPVC windows achieving BFRC ‘A’ ratings than other materials.


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