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Rosewood foil

Please find below an information bulletin that we have received today from the manufacturer Liniar.

"We have been notified by the foil supplier Renolit that due to a machinery breakdown, they will be unable to supply a full order of Rosewood foil throughout the rest of August. This is not Liniar-specific - due to Renolit being the UK's major foil supplier, this will affect the whole industry.

The impact on our customers is that some Liniar products in the Rosewood range are highly likely to be showing as 'out of stock' for a short period of time over the coming weeks until we can obtain more foil supplies.

This is a temporary situation and is not expected to impact on any other foiled products in the Liniar range - in the interests of complete transparency we wanted to let you know the situation as soon as we became aware."

If you would like an update on where your order is in Andy Glass Windows order process, email us your job reference to request details and we can advise:

1) If the manufacturers have notified us of a proposed delivery date/s to our storeroom

2) If we have allocated a tentative installation date

It is also useful to know if you have a timescale you are trying to work to, or dates you wish us to avoid, as this helps us in allocating tentative installation dates.

Andy Glass Windows appreciates your continued patience and understanding in these difficult times.


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