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Are you melting in your conservatory?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Victorian Conservatory

The whole concept behind a conservatory is to keep homeowners comfortable.

This feeling is largely achieved through the likes of dependable security and use versatility as well as a balanced temperature. Certain extended living spaces can sometimes struggle with this last element if not well-insulated, but thankfully, dedicated air conditioning units are around for those that need them. Could your conservatory experience be improved with artificial air conditioning? Let’s find out.

Why consider air conditioning for your conservatory?

A lot may depend on how old your conservatory is. Prior to the various temperature balancing techniques that today’s conservatories integrate as standard, artificial air conditioning was an appreciated addition. Especially for those who found themselves roasting in a glass box whenever Summer began, conditioning units help to keep the space cool, so it can be used comfortably. If your property still touts a conservatory installed over a decade ago, air conditioning could help breathe new life into the currently unappreciated area.

If your conservatory was installed more recently, it’s highly likely that the windows and doors that make up the structure incorporate various insulation elements to achieve the same result. Whereas air conditioning units work by filtering hot air out of the conservatory to vent it outside, modern features like thermal breaks, A+ rated glazing, and multi-chambered frames keep conservatories efficient without the need to spend energy.

Arguments for installation

  • Optimal ventilation, insulation, and efficiency for older conservatories

  • Creates useful extended space 365 days a year

  • Effortless and quick condition unit installation

  • A range of sizes, power levels, and types to choose from

Arguments against installation

  • Extra energy use could affect heating bills

  • Space required for unsightly conditioning units

  • Less useful for contemporary conservatories

  • Regular maintenance checks

Whatever your choice, conditioning units are easily installed!

The good news is, regardless of your choice, conservatory air conditioning units can be easily installed with very little disruption. Your chosen company will likely carry out a swift assessment of your extension’s layout, find a suitable area in which to locate the unit, before finally fitting it in as little as a day.

Comfortable conservatories for every Oxfordshire home

We at Andy Glass Windows firmly believe that every home can benefit from a highly-efficient, well-insulating conservatory. Quickly becoming the necessity rather than the exception, ours come with enough modern tweaks and features to keep you safe and comfortable without the need for an air condition unit.

For more information, give us a call today on 01235 530035 or send us an online message to start making the most of your Oxfordshire home.

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