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What’s the difference between an orangery and a conservatory?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021


Are you considering extending your home? Do you need some extra space for dining, entertaining or just relaxing? If you’re thinking of adding a glazed extension to your home, have you ever asked yourself; what’s the difference between an orangery and a conservatory?

At Andy Glass Windows, we’re regularly asked this question. Read on to find out the differences between these two popular glazed extensions.

It’s all in the roof

One of the main differences between an orangery and a conservatory is the roof. An orangery is usually fitted with a large plastered flat roof with a glazed roof lantern in its centre. Due to its more solid construction, an orangery can support more weight. The combination of light from the lantern roof and the plastered perimeter ceiling create a room which has a more permanent feel.

A conservatory roof is a fully glazed unit. There is no flat roof and the roof is connected directly onto the side glass units and guttering. A conservatory roof provides much more natural light intake to create a brighter, airier living space.

Bricks vs Glass

In general, a conservatory contains a lot more glass than an orangery. An orangery will usually be built on a more solid base to support the additional weight of the bricks and flat roof. An orangery will feature brick pillars which match the existing property’s brickwork to create a seamless feel between the orangery and the original house.

The almost fully glazed design of a conservatory can sometimes look less permanent and more like a separate part of the house. Modern conservatories however, can incorporate more brickwork and are increasingly versatile in their design options. A low-level brick wall of varying sizes usually supports the glazed side sections.

Extend your home in style

Whatever your final decision, at Andy Glass Windows we’re always happy to advise on the best product for your home. In summary, a conservatory is excellent for increasing natural light intake and providing expansive views of your exterior space. An orangery will provide a more private area, closer to that of a traditional extension.

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