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Order now and make your conservatory ready for Christmas

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

There is nothing worse than trying to fit all of the family into a tiny room at Christmas – especially if you have a glazed extension but it’s just unused and unloved.

Why not make the most of your conservatory this Christmas and opt for roof replacement, whether with roof tiles or a lantern style that combines glazing and a solid roof.

Increase warmth, usability and privacy with a tiled roof

With lightweight replacement roof tiles, conservatories can be used and enjoyed all year round. Often constructed from timber frames and with state-of-the-art tiles, replacement solid roofs remove the worry of conservatories being too cold in Winter and too stuffy in Summer.

Replacement roof tiles increase thermal efficiency by retaining heat when the thermostat stays on or gets turned up. This is beneficial throughout the Winter season and especially when homeowners are entertaining over the festive period, whether for Christmas or New Year.

If you live in a busy area or on a terraced street, you may also be worrying about privacy. Opting for roof tiles is the perfect solution – you still get an influx of natural light from windows, but the roof section is entirely covered, giving you privacy and a much cosier living space that you can relax or entertain in on cold Winter evenings.

Roof tiles are hugely beneficial if you want to update the ceiling of your extension too. From the inside, reputable installers can create you a beautiful vaulted ceiling space that can incorporate roof windows or lighting. Conservatories therefore easily become a usable living space again, when updated with roof tiles.

Combine a solid roof and glazing with a lantern roof

A lantern roof combines the benefits of solid roof systems and glazing. Made up of glazed panels often separated by bars (hence the ‘lantern’ name), these roofs are often elevated above a surrounding flat roof. This means that living spaces get an influx of light from the glazing, and insulation and privacy from the solid roof section.

Lantern roofs are a great way to update your conservatory into a living space that can be enjoyed all year round, even in Winter. The flat section is made from insulated timber and tiles and the glazing section from high-performance thermally efficient glass (which will be offered as standard by reputable installers). Living spaces seem more spacious with the abundance of natural light, and maintain the temperatures of the interior, rather than the great outdoors!

A lantern roof can suit any style of property, thanks to its elegant design. So whether you will be entertaining from your traditional or modern home this Christmas, a lantern roof will complement and enhance the rest of your property, whilst retaining vital heat.

Yule be pleased to know that Andy Glass can help…

If you live in the Oxfordshire area, Andy Glass can help you to make the most of your conservatory this Christmas, whether you want to entertain family, friends or simply cosy up on cold Winter evenings.

Due to a wide industry knowledge and continued success, we have a huge range of products, which includes being able to offer both roof tiles and lantern style options for conservatories. We are an trusted installer of one of the leading conservatory roof fabricators in the UK – Atlas Roof Solutions – and can offer a range of their state-of-the-art lantern roofs.

All of our roof options are high-performing in terms of thermal efficiency, thanks to quality double or triple glazing and innovative insulated designs. We can make your living space even more bespoke with our wide range of colour options for frames (for lantern roofs) or style of tiles.

With over 27 years’ experience in the home improvement industry, enquiring with us means we can ensure that you make the most of your conservatory this Christmas, and throughout the rest of the year, wherever you live in the Oxfordshire area.

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