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Can uPVC windows really add value to your Oxfordshire home?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Despite continuing modern avancements made with the material, uPVC remains a tetchy subject for most homeowners who are considering a property renovation. Well we at Andy Glass Windows are here to tell you that not only do we encourage installing uPVC windows in Oxfordshire Homes, but actively recommend them. They’re low-maintenance, highly configurable, and are of course more affordable.

But can they add value to your home?

Yes, simply due to flexible shape, style, and size

When put into perspective, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Though well-known amongst British residents as the most affordable window material option, this doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. In actual fact uPVC windows have been proven to add to a property’s overall financial value, providing that they are shaped and styled correctly.

Thankfully, the sheer versatility and configurability that naturally comes when opting to use uPVC makes this an easy task. We at Andy Glass Windows manufacture and install each unit on a project-by-project basis, not only as a means of ensuring a perfect fit every time, but also to let homeowners enjoy an aesthetic that’s perfectly in line with their property’s style. From classic Chartwell Green casements to Irish Oak tilt & turn frames, the design possibilities are near-endless.

Windows configurable to any style of Oxfordshire home

As alluded to earlier, uPVC windows have much more design flexibility to offer Oxfordshire homes compared to other windows materials because they are easily crafted. This is of particular use to homeowners with an oddly-shaped aperture to fill, or those who are specifically looking for something slightly different. In this sense, a new set of uPVC windows are perfectly primed to add personal as well as financial value.

Double glazed as standard for appreciated comfort and insulation

Helping to combat those cold Wintry evenings as well as the occasional breeze, homeowners can rest comfortably knowing that every uPVC window installed by Andy Glass is double glazed as standard. Thermal efficiency will be improved, meaning that you can save money you would otherwise spend on heating bills too.

Andy Glass: Replacement uPVC windows across Oxfordshire

For 25 years now, we’ve prided ourselves on the ability to offer local Oxford homeowners the very best windows, doors, and conservatories. In this time, people sitting on both sides of the industry continue to see the value in those crafted from low maintenance uPVC. For more information, call us today on 01235 530035 or send us an online message.

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