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Roseview's new version of a classic traditional product

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

#TraditionRedefined Ultimate Rose
Andy Glass Windows a Roseview Approved Installer
Ultimate Rose uPVC Vertical Slider (sash window)

The new Ultimate Rose sash window from Roseview is a remarkable piece of design from a company that has built a long-standing reputation in the heritage sector.

GGP Magazine spoke to their marketing director Mike Bygrave to find out more.

GGP: Can you tell us a little bit about your new window?

Mike: Ultimate Rose MkIII is the newest incarnation of our top end sash window. Ultimate Rose was already a highly authentic uPVC sash window, and with this version we’ve improved and added a number of features – some standard and some optional – that take it to a new level. The result is that it’s now indistinguishable from ti

mber, even from close up. It redefines tradition.

GGP: We saw the new window at the FIT Show and it does look like timber. What have you had to do to achieve that?

Mike: In total there are seven changes we’ve made; some obvious, some more subtle. Perhaps the headline features are the new chamber-fill profile we’ve added to the outside of the window and the removable staff bead on the inside. On standard sash windows there are deep chambers where the sashes slide, which immediately identify them as uPVC. We’ve solved that with a new profile section that covers the chamber while still allowing the sashes to slide. Meanwhile on the inside of the window we’ve added a removable staff bead—typical to timber windows—which finishes off the inside nicely while allowing the sashes to tilt.

We’ve also redesigned our run-through horn detail. The previous version had a flush-fitting cap; it was much better than standard wrap-around caps others use but still had a visible cap line. We’ve re-engineered it so that the cap now fits inside the sash horn, leaving the front face completely solid and seamless. The difference it makes is incredible. But there’s also demand for a no-horn version, so we’ve developed that option as well.

On top of that we’ve designed a completely new 50mm deep cill—the first of its kind for uPVC sash windows—and made some small but important changes to other features, including removing a lip from the bottom sash interlock and changing our astragal bar design to provide a better finish.

GGP: The current Ultimate Rose is already a top-end sash window. Why have you decided to change it?

Mike: Innovation is fundamental to what we do at Roseview. We’re always looking at ways of making our windows better, whether in appearance, ease of fitting or performance. We’ve been making uPVC sash windows for almost 35 years, so we take it as our responsibility to push things forward. We’re rarely asked for new stuff; we do it simply because we want to make the best sash windows we possibly can.

GGP: You’ve achieved that with the new window, does that mean you can stop now?

Mike: No chance! When I look at Ultimate Rose now, I think we’ve done everything it’s possible to do. But ask me again in six months’ time.

GGP: When will the new window hit the market?

Mike: Ultimate Rose MkIII be available in early 2020. We still have some details to finalise before we can go live. We shown the prototype window at the FIT Show to give people the opportunity to get close to it and really check it out. It’s all in the detail and there’s no substitute for seeing the new window first hand – that’s when you see just how impressive it is.

This article first appeared in the June 2019 edition of GGP Magazine.

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