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Window Specification

A Guide to understanding your Andy Glass Windows' window quote and the options available.

Our standard quotation documents list the following details, here is a little about what each means and the choices available.

Next to each list of details is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) illustration. This is shown from the outside, but with the faded view of the internal handles shown for reference.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) illustration
CAD (Computer Aided Design) illustration


This is used to details anything additional or specific required that our quoting software can't include.


This is the number of windows of a detailed design included in the quote.


These are approx. measurements either taken at an initial sales appointment or provided by yourself or a builder. These don't need to be 100% accurate at the quoting stage as a full survey will take place if you proceed with the work.


This is the type of product we are quoting for

Examples are:

  • Liniar Eco Energy (our standard uPVC windows)

  • Liniar Resurgence - Flush uPVC window system

  • Roseview vertical sliders -Ultimate, Heritage or Charisma

  • Sapa Aluminium Windows

  • etc

Frame Style

This refers to the configuration of the window and combination of sashes, they tend to be industry standard, but are for internal use.

Frame Colour

Two colours will be listed, the first is the external colour, the second the internal colour. They may include the manufacture's name if they are exclusive colours, or RAL numbers if bespoke.

Examples are:

  • Anthracite / White

  • Pebble Grey - Liniar / White


This relates to the product chosen and is normally an abbreviation of the product name


Our standard sash is the sculptured (also known as Ovolo)

Below are the styles which will be referred to:

Window Sash Styles
Window Sash Styles


This is the external window sill.

Examples are:

  • 150mm Sill

  • 180mm Sill

  • 85mm Snub Sill

The sill is selected by the surveyor and is dependent on the property type.


This denotes the hinges on each sash.

Examples are:

  • Fixed - if the window doesn't open

  • Dummy - if the window looks like it will open but doesn't, on a flush system

  • Left or Right

  • Left or Right with Easy Clean Hinge (also known as Fire escape hinges) standard for side hung upstairs windows

Friction Hinge
Window Hinge

Glazing Specification

This is the type of glass in each sash. If the glass is different in different sashes within the same window a numbering system is used to identify them.

Examples are:

  • Our standard is Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Glass

  • Toughened Safety Glass

  • Triple Glazed

  • Acoustic Glass

  • Acoustic Laminated

  • Solar Controlled Glass

  • Internally Blinded Unit

Glazing Texture

If you need an obscure glass choice it will be shown here, otherwise it will state clear.

Glazing Feature

Any special glazing feature will be detailed here

Examples are:

  • Astragal Bars - These bars sit on the outside of the glass both externally and internally. You can match the frame colours even if you have a different colour inside to out

  • Leaded - Leaded glass is available with different coloured lead in various designs, from diamond, rectangular to a border design

  • Georgian Bars - These bars sit between the two panes of glass, and can be coloured to match frames.

  • Bullion Glass

Window Handle

Available in a choice of colour and styles

Examples are:

  • Espag Inline (For tilt & turn)

  • Espag Cranked (Standard Choice)

  • Monkey Tail

  • Tear Drop

  • Ventiss Window Handles

Window Handle Styles
Window Handle Styles

Ventiss Window Handle Range
Ventiss Window Handle Range

Terminology that may be used:

Coupler - Used to join two frames

Sash - This is the opening part of the window that opens with a handle

Vertical Slider - This is the name for a sliding sash window

Mullion - This is the vertical beam that divides a window into smaller glass units

Floating Mullion - This is where the mullion is attached to an adjacent sash and moves when the sash does.

Transom - This is the horizontal beam that divides a window into smaller glass units

If you are unsure of anything detailed in your quotation please speak to us

01235 530035 Option 1 or email

Note some non standard features will incur an additional cost.


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