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uPVC vs aluminium windows

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

An age old debate within the construction industry

Since the very introduction of aluminium windows, those with an avid involvement or interest within the construction industry have debated as to what window material is best for use in British homes.

The truth is, both uPVC and aluminium have their own unique benefits each of value to a plethora of various homeowners, so we’ve put together this little blog post to help you decide which option might best suit you and your home’s needs

Benefits of uPVC windows

The UK’s most popular window style, to this day uPVC windows in either casement, sliding sash bay or bow perfectly act as the most affordable solution for homeowners on a budget whilst still looking good. uPVC is often favoured largely because of it’s low-entry cost but should not be passed up lightly thanks to its versatile to be formed into any shape, size or width.

  • The most cost-effective window option

  • WER (Window Energy Ratings) of “A+” achievable

  • Option to integrate fully integrated blind systems

  • Double glazed as standard

  • Made from fully recyclable, lead-free uPVC

  • Versatile style that suits most styles of home

Benefits of aluminium windows

Aluminium windows have primarily gained traction in the commercial market due to the material’s natural strength and therefore its ability to withstand larger panes of glazing. This doesn’t mean that homeowners wanting to best bring a greater sense of natural space and light in their home should overlook aluminium as their chosen window material, delivering factors which make them more than worth the slightly higher asking price.

  • Lifespan between 20-30 years

  • Modern aesthetic style that boasts a clean finish

  • Naturally strong to accommodate larger panes of glass

  • Hundreds of RAL colours and foils for maximum customisability

  • Versatile style that suits most styles of home

uPVC vs aluminium windows: You decide!

The great thing about both uPVC and aluminium windows is that they both offer a great deal of design opportunities and customisability to homeowners, meaning that whatever material you choose it’ll be hard to make the wrong decision. Want to spoil your home with lashings of natural light? Go for aluminium. However those wanting to enjoy true energy efficiency can always rest easy with uPVC.

Andy Glass: High quality windows in either material

Both window materials each provide their own specific benefits, making them each a solid choice. Andy Glass Windows can provide any extra information you may need having over 27 years’ experience within the home improvement industry. If you’re thinking of replacing your dated windows, contact us today!

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