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The benefits of uPVC windows

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

uPVC is the material of choice for the vast majority of homeowners when choosing new windows, and with good reason. Not only is uPVC an energy efficient and low maintenance home improvement solution, but it is a highly versatile material which looks great in almost any home. Since its mass adoption in the 80s, the uPVC window has evolved into an ever more attractive and higher performing window choice.

They’re hassle free and durable

uPVC Windows

Whist uPVC windows can’t boast the same strength as aluminium profiles, they are a strong and reliable material of choice. Unlike timber frames, they won’t warp in conditions which are extremely wet, or dry out in very warm weather. As such, they don’t require the time-consuming regular treatment which comes with classic timber windows. Because of their low-maintenance and hardwearing attributes, uPVC window installations will often come with guarantees which last the window’s lifetime, giving you peace of mind.

They are versatile: modern and traditional aesthetics

uPVC Windows

Whether you’re looking to install windows in a new build project, or to replace ageing windows in a restoration build, uPVC windows can provide the perfect solution for almost any situation. With slim sightlines and developments in modern spray painting technology, uPVC windows are perfect for modern homes, offering sleek and clean aesthetics in a virtually unlimited choice of colours.

Simultaneously, uPVC window are also available in woodgrain foils to create a more traditional appearance. For ultimate levels of authenticity, you could also invest of timber effect windows – uPVC windows made to look like timber frames with flush frames and putty lines to provide the best in modern performance and classical aesthetics.

They are energy efficient

The uPVC window’s forte is that on top of all the above benefits, it is also able to offer exceptional levels of energy efficiency. Manufactured with innovative and sophisticated internal chambers, uPVC window technology is ever advancing to provide you with extremely energy efficient designs. When coupled with coated glass, which can be argon filled and triple glazed, uPVC windows are an amazingly effective way of saving you money and keeping your home warmer for longer.

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